Invest in Yourself


If you are prepared to invest just over a year of your life to learning the skills of an IT professional then you should seriously consider the long-term benefits of undertaking the NowSkills IT Apprenticeship

We are all aware we can’t start at the top. Although it would be great to decide on a career and begin making the big money straight away, we have to work hard and make our way up the career ladder, starting with an IT Apprenticeship. This is where NowSkills IT Apprenticeships come in. We are committed to helping you find that ladder and setting it up for you, but you have to be willing to climb it, and put in the effort to keep it steady enough to make it all the way to the top! Check out how you can move up the qualification levels!



Many potential Apprentices are put off by the wage and want to skip straight into a job, but unlike some of your friends who are creating debt studying, you will be earning whilst you’re learning. Traditionally the Apprenticeships wage has been the national minimum wage for Apprentices. However, very few NowSkills IT Apprentices are paid the minimum wage, many enjoy extra company benefits and some with travel costs paid. It all depends on what your employer has planned for you, the IT Apprentice journey with NowSkills are usually just over a year, and the average of an IT specialist is £40,000 per year. £40k is worth the wait.


At the outset, an IT Apprenticeship can seem like a long time – but the amount you’re going to learn means it really isn’t: This means, in order to pass the course and make a great impression of people who will be giving you a reference and could even potentially be your future employers, you are required to attend your place of work and any classroom training in our IT Apprentice training centres.


As an IT Apprentice, you won’t have to pay for your training and the value of an Apprenticeship can be as high as £27,000!! The fees are either paid by the Government or, if you have a large employer, the fees will be split. Compare this to a University Degree and Student Loans – not only are your gaining qualifications, real word experience, building your CV and earning money….you’re NOT falling into debt. The way IT Apprenticeships are funded means you can concentrate on your learning and not have to worry about repaying the Student Loans Company.


Technology is evolving at a very fast-pace, and there is a shortage of people holding the skills required to work with the new developments: just google yourself and you’ll find article after article. The majority of businesses rely on IT, whether to maintain customer engagement on social media, designing websites or software updates, but there is a skills gap causing many businesses to struggle to find people to suit the role.

This is where you come in: Your earned skills and experience will stand out from other applicants and you will be in demand! 

Completing an Apprenticeship can increase your employability rate drastically.

See how you can kick-start your career in IT